Background to our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy tells you about the personal information we hold on you, how we use it and why we can use it.  You are entitled to know what information we hold about you, you can have a copy of it and you can ask us to change or sometimes delete it.

Our privacy policy applies to personal information we gather because of the services and products we provide to you, the organisation you represent (‘your organisation’) or to our other customers. It applies to your personal information if your organisation is an actual or potential customer or supplier of ours.

It also applies if you interact with us in other ways. This could be for example, by you attending or being a supplier to, an event organised by us or because you interact with our apps, websites or social media. This could be by making an enquiry, signing up to a newsletter or registering your interest on one of our websites or apps.

Who doesn’t it apply to?

Information we hold about our employees isn’t covered by this policy.  It also doesn’t cover personal information gathered by other companies or organisations that promote our products and services and who use cookies, tags and other technology to collecting and use your personal information.

You can read our own cookie policy here for information about how we use cookies on our own websites.

If you link to other organisations’ websites, apps, products, services or social media from our websites, apps or social media, this privacy policy also doesn’t apply to how those other organisations use your personal information once you leave our technology environment.

Who we are

The Vibration Group is a collection of related companies, organisations and venues trading under the Vibration Group umbrella brand the members of which are:

  1. Xcite Campaign Management Limited
  2. Venue Lab Limited and the venues operated by them. You may hear from one of these venues:
    1. Printworks London
    2. The Pumping House
    3. Landing Forty Two
    4. Beyond Shoreditch
    5. Shoreditch Gardens
    6. The Jetty
    7. PQ Site
    8. Fifty Six Brook Street
    9. Thirty Eight Grosvenor Square
  3. Vibration Music Limited trading as Vibration Design & Production Limited
  4. Skin London Limited
  5. Fullcircle Production and Performance Limited
  6. 3D Set Company Limited
  7. Vibration Projects Limited
  8. Five Star Crew Co. Limited
  9. Field Vision Limited

That list of companies, organisations and venues might change occasionally.  All parts of the Vibration Group are covered by this Privacy Policy. The member of the Vibration Group who is the data controller of your information is 3D Set Company Limited of the address stated below.

We review our Privacy Policy regularly and we’ll tell you if we change it by updating our website or app.

Accessing your information

We want to make sure the information we hold on you is up to date and relevant.  You are also legally entitled to know what information we hold on you.  If you’d like a copy of some or all of your personal information or you think your personal information is inaccurate, you can ask us to correct or remove it.  Please write to us at:

Privacy, Vibration Group, Printworks London, Surrey Quays Road, London SE16 7PJ

Or email

The information we collect and how we use it

In this section we explain the different ways we collect and use your personal information.

Sources of information

We collect personal information about you in several ways:

Please be aware that if you do not want to provide your personal information to us or you ask us to delete it, we may no longer be able to provide the services and products you/your organisation expect of us.

Providing you with services and products

We’ll use your personal information to provide you/your organisation with services and products. This means we’ll:

The information we use to provide services and products and manage our relationship with you/your organisation include:

Our legitimate interest in using your information

We will use your personal information if we have assessed we have a legitimate business interest in doing so to operate our business.

How do we assess we have a legitimate business interest?

We’ll have:

You can obtain further information about the specific assessments we have made by using the contact details above.

We use your information for our legitimate business interests to:

Letting you/your organisation know about interesting services and products

We have a legitimate interest in using your personal information to identify and send you direct marketing about, services and products we think might interest you/your organisation.  This is to allow us to develop our business to the fullest extent possible taking into the balancing factors mentioned above.

We use the following personal information:

We’ll provide you with information about services and products we and other members of the Vibration Group provide by phone, post or email.   In each message we send, you will have the option to opt out of further contact and you can ask us to stop sending you marketing information at any time, as set out above.

Marketing our services and products to third parties

If you’ve attended an event we’ve organised, we’ll use your personal information to market our services and products to third parties.   This will be limited to still or video images and we won’t otherwise identify you.  We will not use images of any person who appears to us to be under the age of 13 without the written consent of their parent or guardian.  It’s in our legitimate business interests to develop our business to the fullest extent possible taking into the balancing factors mentioned above.

Developing and running our business

We’ll use your personal information by:

We’ll use the following information to do this

We use this information in this way because it’s in our legitimate business interests to run and develop our business efficiently.

Running credit checks

Before we provide you with a product or service or buy one from you or sometimes when already you use our or provide us with products and services, we’ll use personal information you have given us with information we have collected from credit reference agencies to manage our credit or business risk. In out sole discretion, we may refuse to provide or buy services or products to or from you based on the results of our investigations.

When they get a search request from us, a ‘footprint’ goes on your file which other organisations might see.

Details of the personal information used include your name, address, (if we hold it) date of birth, contact details and financial information.

You don’t pay us

If you don’t pay your bills, we might ask a third party to collect what you owe. We’ll give them information about you (such as your contact details) and your account (the amount of the debt) and may sell the debt to another organisation to allow us to receive the amount due.

Preventing detecting crime

We’ll use and share your personal information to help prevent and detect crime. For example, we might share your personal information with government and law-enforcement agencies. We’ll also use it to prevent and detect criminal attacks on our computer network.

To do that we use any personal information we hold on you to the extent necessary including any CCTV footage and information we have collected from Credit Reference Agencies.

We use this personal information because we have a legitimate interest in preventing and detecting crime.

Meeting our legal obligations

We’ll share personal information where we have to legally share it with another person. That might be when the law says we have to or because of a court order.

Sharing your information with third parties

In this section of our Privacy Policy, we tell you how and why we share your personal information and with who and how we try to protect it.

Who, why and how do we share?

Above, we have given examples of organisations we might share your personal information with e.g. credit reference agencies. When we share your information with these organisations we do our best to ensure it’s protected, as far as reasonably possible.

We also use service providers to process personal information on our behalf.

Service providers

We use third parties to help us provide services to you and to operate our business. Examples include:

Where we use another organisation to provide services or products to us, we still control your personal information and have controls in place to make sure it’s adequately protected.

If we need to transfer your personal information to another organisation for processing in countries not listed as ‘adequate’ by the European Commission, we’ll only do so if we have model contracts or other appropriate safeguards (protection) in place.

If there’s a change (or expected change) in who owns us or any of our assets, we might share personal information to the new (or prospective) owner. If we do, they must keep it confidential.

Countries we transfer personal data to

Vibration Group does not export your information outside the UK directly.  It does rely on information technology service providers that may operate or store your personal data on equipment located in a country not regarded as ‘adequate’ (see above). We’ll only do so if we have model contracts or other appropriate safeguards (protection) in place.

Protecting your information and how long we keep it

This section is about how we keep your information secure and how long we keep it. We are legally obliged to delete your information when we no longer need it.

Protecting your personal information

We will protect your personal information.

How long do we keep your personal information?

In all cases, we’ll store personal information for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which we collected it.  This may be longer than the law requires.  Some examples include:


You can contact us by email to or you can write to us at

Privacy, Vibration Group, Printworks London, Surrey Quays Road, London SE16 7PJ

If you want to make a complaint about how we have handled your personal information, please contact us as shown above and we will investigate and report back to you.  If you are still not satisfied after our response or believe we are not using your personal information in line with the law, you also have the right to complain to the data-protection regulator, the Information Commissioner –

Changes to our policy

Our privacy policy might change occasionally. We’ll post any changes on this page for at least 30 days. And if the changes are significant and we have your email address, we’ll tell you by email.