Cheers to a brand new look

Cheers to a brand new look

We’ve been busy growing our company and developing a brand that reflects that growth. We feel our new brand captures where we’ve been and showcases who we are now, and we’re excited to share it with you!


Starting off as the original makers with our carpentry workshop in the heart of northern England, today we’re a multi-disciplinary team of thinkers, makers and doers. What’s more, with a workshop filled with the leading tech out there, we make vibrant, statement-making pieces for leading film and television studios, major artists and big-name brands.


It stands to reason that our new look should be as imaginative as the projects we work on. Launching with our new website, our brand colours stand as bold orange, teal and a dusky millennial pink. Our journey as part of the Vibration Group will see our projects expanding further, and we’re excited to reveal it all to you, right here on the site.


So cheers to our new look, new website and new evolution!