Inside the Workshop

Inside the Workshop

Our workshop in the heart of Northern England is a place where ideas become reality, all thanks to our dedicated team of thinkers, makers and doers. We’ve taken pride in creating an expert team who have the support, structure and strength to deliver an incredible array of briefs. Materials are cut, carved, covered, crafted, mixed, melded, polished, painted, upholstered and finished. In short, our skilled team build almost any vision.


We change timber and red bricks into botanical havens. We match suitable materials and make futuristic Google pods. We’re even creating technical drawings for meticulously crafted mini-dumplings for a statement-making installation in the heart of King’s Cross.


Our full-service makers have knowledge that spans years. Their expertise in woodwork, metal, mixed material carving, paint finishes, model making and set covering is matched with an ability to find practical solutions to deliver any concept. Covering our walls, you’ll see material swatches, moodboards, technical drawings, design prototypes and research into the most innovative tools and techniques.


Around our space, you’ll find everything from traditional rollers, sponges and brushes to orderly tool cupboards, metal sheets, sculptural installations, scenic cladding and large-scale plywood boards. You may even see some of our film-set maquettes, original television studio designs, artists’ commissions or big-brand environments.


We apply our traditional skills to non-traditional projects combining the latest technology with classic joinery, painting and material-work.