The Brief

Google required an ever-changing training area for their tech-team at the The Google Pixel phone launch. Prior to the install of the first 3 pods, we had a workshop build time of just 4 weeks.

The Process

After the client send their visuals of the different kind of configurations they required, we conceived our flexible design. Creating technical drawings to the client’s satisfaction, the production team were briefed and we matched-up the most suitable materials. Constructing the set in line with our tech-drawings, we ordered custom gas-struts to suit our application. We powder-coated the set, giving a durable finish to the aluminium ready for the big install. After installing the first three pods, the client was highly impressed and we continued to install the last two pods across the country. After their activation, we continue to store the pods in our specialist facilities.


CLIENT: Wonder London

DATE: 31.10.16


18 marine grade custom gas lifters
2 glue bombs
1200 man hours build time for all 3 pods
36 flush sliding bolts
560 metres 2x1 planed all round timber

The Result

After 1200 man-hours for all three pods, they were activated in the tech-team offices for 2 months. With their eye-catching aesthetic and inviting presence, they were popular hit with the client and office-teams alike.