The Brief

Sharps was looking for a new set for their latest television advert. With a build-time of just one week and a limited budget, we needed to create a workable design for all.


The Process

After crafting bespoke technical drawings, our production team ordered materials suited to each aspect of the design. Prior to rig day, we tested out our design, constructing it in our work-shop to ensure a smooth-running process. Over the course of 3 days, we installed two room set using 800 meters of timber, 45 sheets of Plywood, 50 litres of paint.


CLIENT: The Gate Films

DATE: 01.09.18


40 sqm light floor vinyl
50 litres of paint
150 man hours workshop build time
800 metres 2 x 1 plained all round timber
120 onsite rigging man hours

The Results

280 man-hours later and the impressive tv set was complete, installed and then de-rigged. A seamless process from start-to-finish, the set lead a superior standard despite time and budget constraints.