Retail Display

The Brief

A Doncaster Shopping Centre required an installation that could morph and change for different brands to express their message. With a workshop build time of 3 weeks, our agility was key to delivering this large-scale activation.

The Process

Conceiving the initial look and feel, we sent over visuals to the client. We needed to create a modular set that could change to suit differing layout plans of varied brands. The client needed to be able to alter the installation themselves at different stages in the retail calendar, so we tested a variety of fixtures and fittings that could be set up and derigged without a toolkit.  We produced technical drawings to illustrate the concept coming to life before briefing the production team and ordering custom-materials matched to the design. Inviting the client into our workshop to view the pre-built assets, we ensured the end delivery was in line with their ambitions. Finally we painted the assets for a look designed to engage consumers. On install day, we guided the client on how to rig and de-rig the product for their fully flexible future use.


CLIENT: Kit & Caboodle

DATE: 25.08.18


100 man hours of painting
8 metres of upholstery vinyl
6 sheets 6mm opal cast acrylic
22 button sectret fixings
8 removable pivot hinge sets

The Result

The success of the activation sees it remain in the centre today. The client is highly satisfied with the adaptability of the design and their ability to showcase different brands and seasonal displays.