Facebook Gather

The Brief

Facebook required a variety of assets for their forthcoming Gather conference in Brussels. Using a variety of materials from artificial grass to LED screens, we had a build-time of 6 weeks before the big-rig day.


The Process

The client sent us their initial visuals indicating their desired look and feel. In response, we matched the most suitable materials balancing aesthetics with practicality. With our material samples signed off, we began technical drawings, bringing the design to life. Prior to rig day, our workshop team pre-built the design, ensuring the height was correct. With a team of 18 carpenters, we installed on Brussels over a 2-day period.



DATE: 23.01.18


2100 man hours workshop build time
85 sheets 18mm MDF
85 metres of LED tape
1500 sqm printed canvas
25 sqm printed vinyl

The Results

2,670 man-hours later and we’d created a bright, bold display of the Facebook message. With everything from contemporary stages, interactive screens and even a full-sized Facebook branded Connect-four style game, this was a project full of inspiration for attendees. The assets are currently being stored in our specialist facilities with Facebook aiming to repurpose the assets for further activations.