The Brief

Fentimans wanted an enticing exhibition stand to capture the artisanal individuality of their brand. Touring at multiple venues across Europe, they needed a versatile design, suited to a variety of spaces.  With a workshop-build time of just 4 weeks, our fast-paced delivery and dedication to high-quality design was crucial.


The Process

We worked with Fentimans to design a layout with easy modulation for different environments and seamless mobility for touring. Following the receipt of the client’s botanically-inspired visuals, we rapidly returned our high-spec technical drawings. Our production team set to work realising the vision, custom ordering materials matched to each element. Before the big rig day, our team built the stand to ensure a completely smooth-running delivery.


CLIENT: Fentimans

DATE: 11.07.18


1000 metres of 2x1 plained all round timber
100 hours of laser etching
12 sq m of faux living wall
900 man hours build time
32 sq m of red brick slips

The Result

500 man-hours later and we delivered an eye-catching stand, expressing Fentimans’ message of natural authenticity. Constructed from organic timber, red brick slips and a faux living wall, the result was a portable unit that could be seamlessly installed and de-rigged time and time again. What’s more, in periods between use, the stand stayed secure in our storage facilities, ready for its next venture around Europe.

What People Say

‘The Fentimans exhibition stand is a fantastic physical representation of the brand. It has travelled the length of the country over the past 4 years and has still retained its fresh feel. The team at 3D Set have been a great support throughout and have gone above and beyond to make this project a great success’

Nicola Miller, HoD at FullCircle