The Brief

The Creator of Magic: The Gathering wanted to invite visitors to play the game on their exhibition stand at Comicon.  With a workshop build time of 4 weeks, the team needed to design a stand that could be transported all the way to the event in Germany.


The Process

Working with the client to imagine an eye-catching design, we finalised our technical drawings. Following the production meeting, our team ordered bespoke materials, specific to each aspect of the design. We pre-built the stand prior to rig-day to ensure a smooth-sailing delivery before leaving for the site. After 2-days of rigging having used 2000 meters of timber, 75 litres of paint and a total of 1320 man-hours, the stand was ready to immerse visitors in the world of Magic: The Gathering


CLIENT: Smart Live

DATE: 17.05.17


100 metres of 50 50 RGB LED tape and controller packs
1200 man hours workshop build time
100 sqm expo carpet
75 litres of paint
55 square metres of canvas print

The Results

This immersive stand was a favourite of Comicon audiences and the client alike. As a success all round, the client chose to re-use the stand for a different exhibition just a month after our first install.

What People Say

The 3D set team did an incredible job, turning our clients’ vision into reality and delivering an engaging stand in Hannover, all in a 4 week period. The initial stand was so well received that the client then asked us to recreate it in Sweden for a major gaming show a month later.

Alex Morrisroe. Smart Live