Facebook BYB

The Brief

Facebook wanted a modular stage-set and range of exhibition stands to take on tour to 11 different cities at their Boost Your Business events. Wanting to communicate the Facebook culture and software capabilities to a range of business-owners, they aimed to visually showcase their most up-to-date tools, insights and best practises. The team needed to showcase the Facebook and Instagram brands whilst facilitating branded stages for Facebook experts to voice the very latest ideas and concepts. With a build-time of just 4 weeks before the first event in Dublin, it was critical that the project was managed and executed seamlessly.

The Process

Designing a transportable system, initial visuals channelled the elegant polish of Facebook’s branding. Looking at a range of materials, the production team selected options that scored highly both aesthetically and practically. With complex components to the design including a 3-dimensional spinning grid, the team tested materials ensuring they had the desired effect.  The clients were invited into our studio for a first-look at the pre-built assets before they were treated with their final finishes. Our workshop makers travelled on-site to each of the locations from Paris to Poland, rigging and de-rigging to provide a superior delivery throughout the tour.



DATE: 23.08.18


90 sqm of powder coating
5mm opal cast acrylic
36 marine grade bearing set
90 litres of paint
2800 man hours of work shop build

The Results

After approximately 4,410 man hours creating, making, installing and de-rigging, the inspiring digital ambitions of Facebook were brought to life as the set toured across Europe. All items continue to be stored in our special facilities and have been repurposed for use in further activations.

What People Say

"The team delivered a fully mobile Build- ideal for touring and transporting across countries. Easy to set-up and de-rig, they'd clearly thought through the best portable solutions to suit our needs. What's more, the finish looked great and got lots of guests talking".

Alex Bingham
Production Director
Full Circle