Virgin Media

The Brief

Virgin Media required an attention-grabbing exhibition stand to engage consumers with their new Voom product. With a workshop build time of just 2 weeks, we needed to create an impactive product.


The Process

The complex design required a variety of light-boxes in different sizes. We selected suitable light-omitting vinyls and began to create our technical drawings for the stand.  With our design finalised, our production team ordered suitable materials and pre-built the stand in our workshop. Complete with large-scale cut-out lettering, we coated everything with paint for a smooth, polished aesthetic. Over just one day, we installed the stand in Manchester.



DATE: 20.04.18


30 litres of paint
120 metres of led tape
30sqm printed canvas
20 sqm printed vinyl
300 man hours build time

The Results

After 300 man-hours of build time, the stand was completed with a bright, engaging aesthetic. Virgin Media were so impressed with both the quality and innovation of the design that they decided to use the stand in their next advert.